Beats like my heart

Clock on the mantelpiece beats like my heart

More regular.not affected by emotion,vision,thought.

Cats stand proudly in their grey stone bodies

As if at the entrance to some other world.

The heating comes on with a bump,

and suddenly darkness has come to earth.

Clock,clock forever beating,

Will my heart outstay you?

will you tick for someone else?

Though strong in silver case

you feel nothing

give me another heart instead

to share my feelings.

Let another heart beat alongside mine,

and we’ll be tuned in unison,

sing our song of love,

or heartbreak.Human,made of flesh

We will drop like leaves

still the infernal clock beats steadily

controlled by,not love

but radio waves.Imagine now

these waves multi-layered across the earth

carrying shopping lists,time,date.

whilst we go on living ,

hearts fluttering  like a cloud of butterflies,

see they go now

climbing away

into the soft tenderness of your hands


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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