I’m but an adverb passing by


I’m but an adverb passing by,
She says she loves me,does she lie?
I’m parsing all her bills and notes,
And then I’m listing many quotes.
The plumber’s fixing up the nouns,
In case some name should chance to drown,
and in the cellar stands a box
For storing wolves and sheep in flocks.
Where have all the nouns gone to?
O,dear Lord, one’s in my shoe.
Put them on the washing line,
While I create a new design.
Grammar needs to be revised,
For many rules are now despised,
and words go weeping through the day,
as no writers want to play.
Do you like the perfect tense?
Does creation still make sense?
Latin was not hard to learn
Now I’ll try Double Dutch in turn.
After that, if I’m still here
I will study atmosphere.
Hebrew is all Greek to me.
Why not construct a language tree?
Everything must be combined,
Or our dear world may  soon untwine.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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