Cyborgs UK

I am just a metal cyborg and I’m ok
I touch the lives of men and boys all day..
I have no body and no soul
No constructed cyborg’s ever quite whole.

My body is a can of Heinz baked beans
My mind’s a wee computer filled with screams.
I have no guardian angel as I’m canned
From paradise I know I am banned.

We do have our uses to help mankind
As we don’t suffer agony in our minds.
We can pilot war planes and bomb where we’re told…
We don’t need courage for tin is very bold.

When we’ve served our purpose we are tossed
Out with the rubbish and the dross.
We’re a kind of supplement to God’s own folk..
I believe he thinks we are a joke.

Some of us have heads and some have tails
We are often found in New South Wales.
We never go to school or learn to speak,
Mainly because our voices can’t do anything but shriek


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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