He whom I once loved

This is a sonnet which I wrote recently.I am trying to learn different poetic forms.Shakespearean sonnets are not in fashion.Nowadays rhymes and ballads are not in fashion but i find it educational to learn  or try at least the differnet forms.The form affects what topic you write about,Sonnets are often about love and hence about hate too.
Free verse is the most fashionable nowadays


He whom once I loved I now do hate
His words and actions shared a harsh disdain
Refusing to allow this bitter fate
My boundaries now exclude his bleak terrain.
To win me, he displayed a tender care;
with courtesy and flattery he disarmed.
Then when my heart was opened up and bare.
he suddenly wthdrew his oozing charm.
His harshness ,rigid mind and  steely heart
Showed him a terrorist in my own sweet lands;
For suddenly our love he broke apart
And empty was my once outstretched hand.
Beware of charm and love bestowed too soon
Or you may  likewise suffer  dread and doom


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