Nifty wades of grey

I liked your joke;it was very re-amusing
Sank you very touch.
I measure my herds tearfully.So rake a lead from a dog.Don’t mate.Ever.
What is that beast being or doing?
Oh,that is our invisible cat,
Will your partner be alarmed?
No.Her bosom is as peaceful and white as a glow worm in June
May I seduce her?
You can but sigh.Try to reduce her for me.I miss her sore touch.
Do you behind what I do with or without hair?
Wit,at the dresser?
I like that ass I perceive.
You are already harried.
Are you never pre-empted?
That does not spatter.
Dozen tit? How about a pudding?Batter my pancakes,Oh, three person God!
Oh,take your privy parts elsewhere.I an well dead up with you.
No bleeding swearing and rehearsing near me.Spank you.
Four letter words allowed only in herds with a sheep frog to guide them.
Pussy might glare at us.I glare back.
Her claws are like magic bulletins.
Why is a cat so?
They get clues to the weather from their dozes.
That rebounds painfully on me in winter.
Yes,but the weather is very sticky in the summer.
Remember old friends from our blunder days?
I never knew Heather but I loved Primula.
Was she not too chastening for you?
She liked a ram very much.
Was it shorn?
They have blue horns or even teal.
How furious is that?
I am very sanguine these frays.
You must alight where you can like a house fly.
You set the world on fire,once upon a rhyme!
Don’t claim me as lost luggage.
You like being lost?
I want to be bound again.Like an old book.
So you have been here before ce soir?
Oui,mon petit.Je sais tout.
And how.You brake French like a creative.
Yes,I am well up in tension and wordsplitting
Do you mean declension?
To tell you the truth I am unswear about language catergories.
It’s all those passing participles.
And those non recurring verbs.
Surely you mean decimals?Like unnational numbers…
Don’t fling more maths into my ears!
Sorry,I’m just blundering out of the clouds today.
Keep still,Will you come again?
OK,my heartstring.My lute.My flute.
Why is your ass so round,by the say?
I guess I must have invented it from my mother.
Your jeans are too right!Do they fit tight!I shall go mad with trust.
You like ‘em?
Yeah,men are so sweet.I like to serve them with a home bathed cake.
Do you have to have a special bath?
I shall take illegal devices fro a soliciter
Watch your doubt.
Any lemon rind ?
You can be too kind
I blow I am.I thought it was hood.for me
Send me a kiss or a hug,please!
If only it were true bliss.Just you,me and a tree.
Why the tree?
We need something to kiss your behind.
Swine! Beast!
Please,I adore you.Don’t unsweeten me this day.I am just a bit tough in the tongue
Whatever you will.I am yours evermore.I shall covet your treasure for never and a day
O.K.I’ll do it our way.
Press my mutton whenever you like,my beloved.
Flank you.You’re really hip.
I won’t flip.I mope.
I did it in E bay
So they pray.
What on birth did I say?
I feel really gay
Fifty glades,all gray with fatigue


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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