Dancing on knives

We were dancing to a tune,a tune I’d heard before.
We were spinning together across the polished floor
But as I moved towards you,you moved the other way
And I knew then,you heard quite differerent music play.
I made my mistakes,yet I thought you understood
Realisation comes down on me in a sudden flood.
You’re just a stranger who seemed to know the dance
And I thought you loved me, but that was merely chance.
I’m so foolish, so foolish I give my heart away
I make errors then,of course,I pay.
Why don’t I learn more sense? Why do I repeat
The dance I am dancing, which leads on to defeat?
Oh,I’ll still keep on dancing for dancing is my life;
And like Andersen’s mermaid I walk always on sharp knives.
So foolish, so foolish my artless loving heart
I dance though I know this dance will tear my soul apart


About Katherine

I like poetry and history
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