I love your romantic nose…let me get some water for it.

Goodbye and may you rest in pieces for ever. Cleo.
I never wish to be you again,Antony.
I have re-drawn my boundaries so we no longer intersect…Eve.
Thank you for the white feather,Jay.
I never want to flee from you again.Anne.
You promised me a nose pardon,not a humorous growth,Hubert.
I’ll never prey on men again lest I meet you or your doppelganger,Billie.
This week my prayers are sponsored by Hewlett Packard.
You screamed like a hyena but then you went over the hedge and wanted love in the nettlebed.You are too rash for me,Tom.
I only married you for lack of other hobgoblins,Marie.
You are a very good actor but I need to get real,Pip.
If and only if you die I shall grant you eternal rest.So waken up and play,Tim.
Life,what’s it all but a doubt?,Joseph
He was only a simple witchdoctor but he bent all the world for me.


About Katherine

I like poetry and history
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