The tide turns and life alters

Church at night

Have you ever had a dream,
That you were all alone?
Have you lived with someone handsome,
With a heart like a cold stone?
Have you drowned in deep,cold rivers,
And been lost in shadowed caves?
Have you lived with too much fusion,
Till you drowned in ghostly waves?
The waves run down the sea shore,
Then up they come once more.
The tide turns and life alters..
Deep on that ocean floor.
You were so beautiful and silent,
Like a sword without its sheath.
I should have let you take me,
The way you took away my breath.

About Katherine

I like poetry and history, literature and music.
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2 Responses to The tide turns and life alters

  1. I love this image and the words…hoping you are recovering:)xxx


    • KatherineB says:

      Thank you,Janet.It is a photo of the parish church.. or was! I am not in bad pain anymore,thank you.The consultant himself is taking my stitches out on Thursday and will see if the graft is taking… then it may be the cosmetic counter.:)xxx


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