Always faintly guilty

Pass  water on a dot?
I can’t relieve you,my dear.You need a pot.
Do pass the fluck to me if  you can beware to.
You pig!I know your tart of man be off.
He passed  on the shit by letter
Uttering crap was his  pleasure.
He just couldn’t stand himself.
Still you love them,you hate them;
it passes the flame.
He passed  me with flying dolours;
once a Catholic,always faintly guilty.
In my case I  truly passed out with flying colors.
You see,the red knickers were half price
no-one else wore them.
I don’t know why they were  ever made,
and no maid should have worn them.
I was always out of the lurch of normality,if you grasp my scheming.
I had a hare brain  and no mind to speak to except my doll with no head
it fell off,unlike mine,that’s china for you.Potheads are a bad idea
Please read under each line today
To take the path of least consistency is hard for mathematicians
but post-Godel it’s just one more hurdle to leap over
Play as you go where?
His lips paid me such service,no-one since has matched his adroitness,
yet he never knew my name.
I was just one of a number of girl he loved in rotation;
we were almost a constellation
and definitely a consolation to each other,united by our  hatred of the one we love

I  just do not know  how pray through the prose.
If he were not a man,I’d call him a bitch.
He called me a deviant tart,if I recall nightly.
Peel the onion with a running tap to stop your eyes running
Can I  put a pencil in your ear
They gave us a penny for each thought we had thunken.
I remember it so mistily as I never knew thought before.
I was an intellectual virgin at that time…


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