From singing

I see  a barrier  divides us .

Invisible and haunting like a face in a  fading dream

Maybe it’s  always been there……….

How shall I render it?;

A glass wall through which we  see

yet cannot touch ‘

we are close but  we can never feel;

never caress or kiss.

All that’s left is vision

which is   desired yet produces torment.

If someone should break that glass wall

would that be bad or good?

Though we would walk on splinters

for a short time

We’d be together in the same sensual world

with roses,peonies and anemones;

with birds , badgers and barley fields…

cats and cradles

and nursery rhymes.

Is it right   to judge the shattering of the glass as evil…

after all,who was it who had drawn me there

as by a golden thread?

and are we alive inside that bell jar

which is meant only for the dead?

Yes,the noise and the wind that whirls through

may strike us with  an instant of terror

but ,holding hands, we would come through..

and how  then would we keep from singing?


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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  1. KatherineB says:

    I am pleased to hear you like it,Janet.Thank you.:)xx


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