She’s as easy  to hug as  it would be to  kiss a bee on my crown
Life’s not easy when I  see ghosts smoking without ashtrays
I feel uneasy as  your pie made me queasy.
Poisoned by gum and still chewing
Beat lead.Buy a  fountain pen today.Qouink!
He sits like a broomstick at a wedding for dummies
Shall we beat my cat… or hunt hares?Is cruelty good? Then ban hunting,for God’s sake.He made all creatures…if he exists
It’s  treat  to  see your gun;catch my lift?
Why not eat your own dog’s food and leave mine for me.It’s all I have since the cat  died.
Eight hundred men caught one gorilla which took a bus into town..Now he’s been given a free Mass in the cathedral.Sorry  a Free Bus Pass ex cathedra
Why no elephant in your room? Are you in need of brass monkeys?
Are you on  an imaginative roller coaster?Join our club for the highly imaginary person
Now you must empathize with the wrong willed yet able to get the country off my knees.I am worn down by the dichotomies

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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