Lonely and/or bored… read this [Instead of starting a war]


Sleep with a flea in your ear.
A bee can be a  friend 
unless you are a wasp.
The comfort of  park rangers is underrated and underwritten
Lonely with you here?
Cats are intriguing but they scratch in bed
How to enjoy your self alone… it’s a shock to know who you are but never mind
Love yourself and then love another.And then just carry on like that forever like an infinite sequence 1
Keep out of trouble,come to my place  and find a hobby making sculptures from the wires I took out of my bras plus some coathangers
Have you a local?Try going to Church and get free coffee to today as well as.. you know what..
Electrify men by wiring your lingerie with our simple kit.
Bored with bras…. try alternating currents through the underwires.
Men…. how not to frighten the ladies off by swearing and spitting
How to  swear in four easy lessons.Number 1:learn to talk! Number 2 still wondering
Try a vow of silence to intrigue the opposite sex unless gay in which case   intrigue  the same sex.. as you like it so you will have it
Never go to bed on an empty stomach.. buy a mattress for two… and invite a jolly soul round for the weekend.
Sulking is no use when you live alone… it’s interpersonal.. you have to have someone to be sullen towards.But what if they don’t notice? Give up and rejoin us.
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About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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