Beard envy…

Cataclysm 2r

Freud made an error  for women have an unconscious envy of men’s beards,It’s not enough for men to have long hair.They also can have long beards and moustaches too.In many cases they have better hair than women do.But they don’t need it,do they?They don;t tint it,condition it etc.Now if we had all that hair we’d be warmer and it would hide the dirty marks on our woollen jumpers
Admittedly it would need washing daily but it would be a good excuse for not going out
I have to wash my beard tonight.I am waxing my moustache too.
Why should we envy a penis when we have a womb?
But what have we got instead of a beard…NOTHING.
That is clearly unjust and God is nor unjust so where is the answer?


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