It can be our scars which hold us together


One reason I recalled this thought was because someone I know is terrified of having a cataract operation.Without running someone down for being afraid,nowadays this operation is very short.As it is the lens in the eye which is damaged the surgery does not go inside your eye.The lens is at the front.
But don’t criticise yourself if you are afraid because the eyes are near the brain and anything happening there causes an instinctive revulsion.I nmost cases it takes about 15 minutes for the op.
Why I know about this is that I have,like Gordpn Brown,suffered from detached retinas.The right one was severe and I had stitches in my eyeball when I woke up.They were underneath my eyelid so felt painful.Despite this at best I could read onlt one letter o n the chart used for eye testing.Now I can’t read any at all.
Luckily the other eye was not as bad.The treatment consisted of making wounds on the retina with an ice probe or a laser.These wounds scars,The scars hold the retina back in place.So I can see because of the scars.
My only problem is the jelly in the eye split in two so I see the world with a black line horizontally across everything
I imagine that many more new techniques are coming in.But don’t moan about a cataract operation…. just watch out for strange flashing lights and unmoving grey spots when you look out… then go strai.ght to an eye hospital.Don’t wait at all.I was blind in one eye in 4 hours from the first synptoms.I had no idea.
Still,it’s fascinating to me that surgeons actually create scars which help people like me to see.
And I wonder if as a symbol it may have wider application.
After the year of recovery [ the eyeball is deformed by the surgery for one year]I decided to go to an art class and then took up amateur photography… to create memories for myself.Then I got a computer much against my own wishes.But it turned out to be a good idea.


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