Lose weight the new way by having a nervous breakdown


Having a nervous breakdown is not  pleasant but at least you lose weight  as terror sits on your abdomen .So the government is asking for new ways to induce breakdowns  in the public as it will prevent heart disease and diabetes.So far they have already caused two men to starve to death by docking their benefits… still they didn’t go to A and E nor have heart disease and they are already buried so no more benfits will be paid out.
As the mental health services are so bad, you will need to pay for therapy or break into a pharmacy.You will then be put in prison and hence lose more weight as the food is bad.
To help the government,you might be able to induce a breakdown by studying the economic situation,worrying about your children and not eating much.And watching TV all night… that might do the trick.Or try shopping on Cyber Monday and at Xmas.
On no account try to get better as they will force you to work free removing the insides of chickens as the chickens run along a conveyer belt… it’s cheaper and more hygienic not to kill them first.Is it Christian?Well, is the government Christian?

Going to church/synagogue does not make you anything,it’s your deeds that make you what you are plus what you say too.And what you write.. and email as they are actions as well.How you treat others.
Would Jesus have asked us to starve people to death to save the rich?
It’s bleeding obvious,my friends.Yet the callme a bleeding heart liberal.

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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