Rules for this ward.Kindly obey or face a ticking cough

[Photo by Mike Flemming.Copyright 2014.]

Please do not fall over after rising from the bed.

Please sit down on your chair and not the consultant’s knee.
Kindly do not tell the doctor he is stupid.He knows already and it’s genetic.
The doctor is only a pest sometimes.So act accordingly.
Kindly pretend to listen to the Consultant on his round.He is human.
Kindly do not eat cream buns  or meringues in front  of the Consultant.He is on a diet.
Kindly avoid catching any bugs belonging to or emanating from this hospital.
Please do not swallow your Kindle Fire before lights out.
Keep yourself clean.Take a bed by the open window during a storm.
Kindly avoid dying when we are busy.Wait for a  better time to go.
Kindly do not write verse  on your sheets unless in water soluble ink
Kindly recover before Friday as we are shutting for the weekend
Kindly write poetry on paper and not on your arms and legs.
Kindly do not copy these rules down.They are our secret.
Kindly keep all you hear secret.

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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