New and excessively strange definitions of mental illness

This is somewhat disturbing except to flowers and weeds.The article explains how more and more character styles are defined as mental illness.. like children being disobedient.Then therapy and drugs descend
Thomas Szasz says the term mental illness is a metaphor as there are no blood tests etc for any mental illness.It is between you and the psychiatrist.
I would accept there are many psychopaths around as we read about former Ministers in the press.But alas there’s no treatment for that… escept getting them to emigrate.


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  1. Tish Farrell says:

    Yes, another means of control, to squash originality and creativity. Reminds me too horribly of the Soviet use of mental institutions to get rid of the out-spoken. Big Pharma of course loves more diagnoses – more market potential and for ever and ever, because pills are never going to ‘cure’ narcissism for instance. Makes one wonder who is more mad…


    • I know… it’s odd the people who produce that diagnostic manual don’t see this.Unless they all have shares in the drug companies.Already children get put on ritalin when maybe sitting at desks for hours is unnatural…school can be a prison and a cruel one too.The fact the so many parents have to work full time must affect their own and their childrens behaviour but is it an illness to be stressed?
      It is bad because here the main treatment is drugs.
      And I may have mentioned in a post how badly I was affected by an underactive thyroid which gave me a feeling I was going crazy after it was not treated for 10 years…I was almost in a coma which was better than the agitation.And other illnesses can have mental side effects even flu.
      I am afraid you are right about the similarity to the Soviet system.We need a variety of characters in the world including rebels and the eccentric.Thanks for your comment,Trish.

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