The only woman in the ward

  • I was in the hospital one weekend.I had gone to A and E on Saturday night with  chest  pain and as there were no consultants they put me in a kind of ward for people with nowhere else to go.
  • After 12 hours they decided I was not in danger so they moved me to a side ward.The thing was there were 3 men in there and no women [this is the norm in emergency cases]
  • I got on my phone and was moaning to my husband.Then the man next to me said he had terminal cancer and was hoping to go to see his son in Australia but caught a bug.So he could hardly walk.The other two on closer examination seemed to be conked out.Still I was glad when another woman was put in.
  • My husband came at 4 pm.They gave him a cup of tea and he said it’s the worst tea he’s had in his whole life.Anfd though I was there as a possible heart case they gave me what tasted like those Fray Bentos tinned steak pies we used to have as poor students… the pastry was like cardboard.The meat was inedible,but I was not hungry.
  • Just seemed odd to have such terrible food.
  • The doctor borrowed my Hello magazine and when I decided to have walk he was reading it in the nurse’s office along with a nurse.Nobody was bothering about the patients.
  • I went in and said,Can I have my magazine.You have had it for 2 hours.
  • Can you believe it would take a junior doctor 2 hours to read that?
  • I rarely see it but my friend had brought it up for me as she thought it would be easier than a book.
  • I still feel sorry I hurt that man’s feelings implying he might attack me but it was 8 years ago so he has  probably passed over.He was  very nice too.

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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