Entranced by the dance

Where the sea meets the land
Where the sea meets the land
Flood me with love

I wonder why the geese fly high;

Creating patterns in the sky?

A group enraptured in a dance.

The stunning art of Providence.

I wonder why the trees are tall?

Standing close,we all feel small.

The branches shiver in the breeze.

Ballet of winter,dancing trees

I wonder why the  sun curves round

An arc I see here from  the ground

The sun gives light which softly shines

An Arche de Triomphe for the pines.

I watched the robins as they fed

On our crumbs of seeded bread?

Such sweet songs of love abound!

Life goes round and round and round.



About Kate Thwaite

I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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2 Responses to Entranced by the dance

  1. Thank you,Janet.I was very self critical then but now I quite like it.
    The second picture was based on a dream I had of the sea flowing in and boats sailing through a little port.. it was a lovely,happy dream


  2. Love this image:)xxx


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