My furious diction

While I change the sheets words come through my mind.I forget most of them.


Why,round here,even the sheep are reformed.
Where sheep may safely wave… the meadow by the station.
why even the jeeps drive in circles!
Sheep may safely laze by the old smoke tree.
He shall seed his woks.
In the church hall, even the sheep performed.
Are sheep preformed at birth?
The sheep may lose their maze under the new legislation.
He’s very deservative in many respects.
He’s feeling very grave.
She shall feed her locks.
And she even weeds his socks weekly.
Do you put conditioner on her,ever?It makes things smoother.
My husband is so relaxed.He goes with the low.
He was kept awake all night by the whores.
He said his wife bored all night but not when awake
But should sheep behave?
Up there,even the sheep have horns.
I was afraid of those prams in the Dales.
Why, even the sheep are reborn.
They are baptised by the freaks.
Does my mind leak?
That’s outside my curious diction and the purest fiction.
My suspiction.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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  1. Love this image:)xxx


  2. I have two pictures like that.I must try to remember her name…I love her work.:)xx


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