Pass the butter,dear.

I’ve not seen God yet,but I’ve had burning thrush for a few weeks.
I’ve not seen the light so far but I am getting new glasses for Xmas.
I’ve not spoken in tongues as far as I know but we are eating flesh on Fridays.
I’ve not met any angels recently but a handsome man said if I went round to his flat I’d give birth in about 9 months though to what he never told me.A pariah?
I have just bought an android voice tablet and if I get the app it will recite the ten commandments.It just mewed!
I’m not being very good as I am afraid of being in heaven with all the dull people.
I went in a church once.I had insomnia so the sermon helped me to get off then they woke me up with bread and wine.No butter,though…. funny lot these Christians, but nice with it.
I have volunteered to help the Romeless over Xmas
They say God was an invention but of whom?You couldn’t make it up,could you?



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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