Stan goes rambling with Emile

Emile sunbathing

Rambling through the mud

Stan had enjoyed being fussed over by the two women

but now he was feeling better he decided to take Emile for a walk.

They set off down a little track leading into a wood behind their house

.Emile would never go to the wood alone as it seemed very big to a cat.

But Stan wore a red anorak which we assume Emile can see quite well

.Emile gambolled around the trees like a lamb,even running up one or two tree trunks which is behaviour rarely seen in lambs even in hot weather.

Though it may occurr in a place like Tasmania…

one can’t be sure it doesn’t happen at all.
Thus Stan mused to himself as he wandered along between the autumn trees and shrubs

.I wonder what the odds are of me ever seeing a  lamb run up a tree,he pondered

Men always like to think of serious problems such as this, unlike women who think about the curtains and the bed linen and other mundane realities.
I wonder if I can look it up on Google, he thought.But even if it has happened in New Zealand it’s

much too far for me to go to look.Rather expensive too,no doubt.

Emile walked into a muddy pool,rolled over and came out all brown and filthy.

Really Emile,you are 5 years old now.Can’t you take care?Your coat is all muddy

.Never mind, said Emile,I’ll lick it all off later.

No,you won’t said Stan,It’s about time you had a bath.

Emile murmured jubilantly

I think I’m too dirty to go in the bath,can’t I just have a wash in a big plastic bowl?

Well,economy is good sometimes,replied Stan absentmindedly.

You can bathe in the old jam saucepan,that’s nice size.

But you won’t put me on the stove and boil me,Emile taunted him gently.

Of course not.I love you so much Emile.After MaryAnnieLyra and all the other ladies.

Well,it’s different.One can love in many ways.In theory at least.

As you grow older your heart grows larger and you can keep more creatures in there,sheltering

cosily in your bosom.

I thought only ladies had bosoms,Emile purred.

Well,according to the Bible,Abraham had a bosom.It’s a place around your heart where you keep what you love,contrary to what some scholars say.

Have I got a bosom,Emile enquired succinctly
Do you  love anyone?

Yes,I love you and Mary ,Annie,the milkman,the postman and the lady cat down the road.

Well in that case Emile,you definitely have a bosom, Stan answered confusedly.What ever will Emile ask me next ,he wondered.I don’t know if I can keep up with his development.

And so they rambled on in the last warm day of summer.

They ate some jam and tomato sandwiches which Dave the paramedic

had made for them.Emile loves sandwiches and tea from a flask.

Soon the sun began to sink,so they turned round

and wandered paw in hand back to their home

“The Pilchards” in a suburb of Knittingham near Nottingham,UK,

where Mary was trying to overcome her obsession with Wittgenstein

by learning to read the Tarot

.She’s already failed with self hypnosis, gnosis and has a poor prognosis

Still,she could become bisexual and havean affair with their next door neighbor,

the gorgeous widow Annie whose clothes are a site for sore eyes least that’s what I believe.But I’m only the author.What do I know?

That’s a question I can’t answer today.Maybe in 2015.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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