Flu season


This is all I can do today..!

Sometimes a woman wishes she did be a man
so she might lie drowsing in bed
while the dishes pile up
and lay unwashed
the laundry basket overflows
the cat eats the meat for dinner
and the mice dance on the table just for fun

I guess there’s some reason why women can’t rest.
A wolf might appear and snatch a child
A man might lose his temper
smack the baby,kick the cat
Cos a man gets angry waiting
don’t believe his woman’s sick..
Think she’s manipulative when she cries in pain.
And kicks her when she’s dead.
Plenty more women,like buses,
another one will soon be along.

But do you really envy a man
when they have to fight and kill
Earn a living in a coal mine,doing night shift for 20 years.?
It’s not what God intended.but it seems it’s here to stay.
I don’t know if I’ll even live for one more day..


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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