My Xmas Round Robin

Hello Everyone

I thought we should join in this round robin idea this year

What a fantastic year it has been for me personally.I’ve averaged 100 viewers a day on my blog… in fact I  now have  three blogs counting the ones on “Living happily  with paranoia and the measles ” and “Eff  off i’m writing my dreck and  other crap poetry”

I’m not surprised as my poetry and art is well above what most  human beingss can achieve,but then I do have an IQ of 200.6731 and an eye for colour and form.In short I am a genius as you have already notiiced.

I have readers in Japan and Russia and even in the Ukraine… perhaps whilst they are shooting aieoplanes down.I’ve had readers in Jordan and Israel  but so far Gaza  has eluded me possibly the Wi Fi is shot  just now but I hope they soon begin following my blog.. and that  the Israel intelligence are not following me or  it or anyone of you as they are very adroit with new technology


This  writing  has been  so   good for me  during all the crises and  we  have  also managed a surprising feat by both getting cancer at   exactly the same time.And not to be outdone by me having a rare type of angina,my spouse has now got congestive  heart failure which is not as yet quite total but who knows? That gives a certain frisson to life.

We have experienced the wonders of our two local hospitals biopsies,surgery, haemorages,plastic surgery,  and I really won the prize  when i had 22 injections of local anaesthetic  under my left eye without screaming.. I hummed instead.They say many folk refuse to have it but I had no idea.And it was not as bad as the emotional suffering by a long walk.

I had often wondered what boxers felt like after a match and I now feel it  ought to be totally  banned.


The  adventures of the prick [Thanks,doctor]

“ Prick me again,my darling.I love you whatever you do,

My bottom is numb and you sprained my thumb.

But what hurts is that you called me Sue.”

The surgeon is very good and plays

“Bridge Over Troubled Waters” as he works.Plus he spoke to me every five minutes to keep my brain going and my heart strong.Undeterred by all these episodes we decided it might be best  to get divorced in October  but ,having caught flu,  broncitis.sinusitis and a  severe UTI we are still together though what we are is not quite what it was,if you see what I scheme.We also now have rats.So far they are still wild but am hoping to tame them and give them a new home as my husband is afraid of getting too attached to a cat.I just hope the rats don’t  want sit in my knee as we watch Foyle’s War and old films after supper.Will they need cutlery I wonder?

Somehow we have kept going   yet are wondering if  a  double leap off Beachy Head might have been less painful and would have saved the NHS a lot of money and cut down the number of old folk in Britain as we are told daily what a pest we are….. just like the rats in a sense.

I had to drop  the art class but here is a drawing I did when there.

 Near home

Unfortunately owing to my auto-immune disorder I have never borne any  fully mature fruit,however judging by other people’s round robins it appears to be a good thing.There seem few contented families in the UK.It makes me wonder where we all went wrong  being so happy  in our simple lives fifty years ago playing with the tar between the cobbles in the road ,skippint rope and catching frogs.

If  our relatives are working they are stressed out and tortured and if  unemployed they are despised and ignored.. If they have children then they have to teach them to write and read by 3 months and  they must at Uni by the age of two.

If they  have none they are  wondering whether to use artificial means and in general mostly they wonder if  life is worth living with no family ot whether to become transformed into another as yet unknown gender and demand the right to marry and adopt.

With sadness we look at  our  beautiful world and wonder if Eve  should have chosen a pear for her first meal instead of that damned apple.Snakes alive

And for those who harp on about family values,I say

Were Adam and Eve married?

And who did their children marry?

So we are all illegitimate descendants of incestuous matings.

Maybe that is the reason for the state of the world.

Well,we have not built an extension,had a new oven or car

Though I did buy a new millk pan and a satchel in which to carry my new  touchscreen chrome book

And an android  phablet too… I admit it was Black Friday that tempted me.

We have no cloakroom or  ensuite and we have not fixed the shower

We have not converted our loft or built a gazebo in the garden

We have taken no holidays nor even a one night break

so i am sorry to have to say I have nothing  more to add to my newsletter

Just to say,2015 will probably be much the same blend of joy and woe as   each year is.

But hope  for  all of you the joy will be the bigger part.

With much love,Katherine and John

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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