Now there is no vertical

When you struck me,I vibrated like a kettle drum,
then as smaller percussions and repercussions
echoing from all the glassy surfaces
creating a balletic geometry of sound tracks
in space and time.

When you knocked me down,
I fell against her and her and her;
we were like a row of skittles
and we all went down with the lifeboat;
The infinite chain of being is.

When you hit me,the Fall spread across the world
Now there is no Vertical
All is undivine and graceless.
By the Rod it’s ruled

When you left me,I left myself,the world,the rocks,dry land
I weighed down sank to the ocean bed
with coral eyes

When you struck my mind
I became an instrument of a foreign power
Singing a song I didn’t know.

When the glass was smashed
the splinters flew into all our hearts.
You didn’t know what we couldn’t see.

I lay on barren ground and gave birth
To my own Creator in the desert


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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4 Responses to Now there is no vertical

  1. Got me with the title, and stayed beside me all the way through. Always enriching to be given an unexpected, new view of the old tales of our histories, our stories.
    May the insight of the poet remain a stay and a joy in you throughout the year to come!


  2. How nice to have a visit from you,Amber and I value your views about poetry.Thank you.


  3. Amber Danette says:

    Very powerful. I love the imagery in this poem. It’s also great that you are able to use your experiences to help others with your words.


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