Surveillance existed long before cameras , hacked computers etc

My home

What I mean is that we all live in a society and hence we cannot hide from other people.Now,the reason I am writing this hopefully humorous tale is because I often catch a bus from a bus stop 1/4 mile away which is outside a block of former council flats.I go there and so do some of my neighbours.One of them goes out each day because his wife is an over enthusiastic cleaner.I have known this man more than 30 years.
One morning I met an Indian lady at the bus stop.I realised I hae met her at a friend’s house so I greeted her.She replied,We often see you here with your husband.
That was a surprise as he hates shopping and rarely comes with me as in any case he has health issues.
After a bit more chat it was the man above she referred to.I did not realise she lived right by the bus stop….
I said,He’s not my husband.
Well,who is he then,they said almost as if they knew better than I did…..
So I said,He’s my boyfriend.
This caused them to colllapse with giggles and peals of laughter… was it my haggard face and my stick? or my confession of meeting him so near my home.
So now if I go to that bus stop I shall know they are watching me…..and take my boyfriend on a different route


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