Say no more

  • Pray,Father,give me a good blessing.It’s ten weeks since my last decision.
    What was that,my dear?
    To lose my Catholic Faith,Father!
    Why are you here in that case?
    I can’t manage t lose it!
    Well, you are not trying hard enough,my child
    My wife says i’m very trying.
    Your wife?I thought you were a woman yourself!
    Yes,I’m a lesbian now.
    Do you practise it?
    I don’t need more training,I’m really good at it all .
    That’s a sin for a lesbian…
    Thank God.I have a sin to confess…I was lost for words
    More than one sin if you are married.
    Why,does marriage make one more sinful?
    It gives you more temptation
    That’s why you get married,so you can be tempted and give in
    Catholic lesbians are not allowed to marry
    You mean we should be living in sin?
    No,you should be chaste
    I am often chased by men.Does that count?
    You know I don’t mean that… you are teasing me.
    Well,I saw you running after me last week
    It’s not my fault if you are running in front of me.
    I was walking till I saw you coming!
    Well,at least I’m normal.
    Is it normal for a man of 89 to run after women?
    Don’t worry,I have not caught one yet.
    But it’s the principle of it.Well, anyway,I went to Holland and married a blonde poet.
    Are there any left?
    Look here,I am the sinner tonight!
    So am I.
    This is not a competition
    Yes,it is!
    Oh, no.Please give me absolution now
    Right, your penance is to stop hailing Mary and whatever else you do in bed with her.
    She’ll be so sad… is that a good idea?
    Well,I don’t know.Life is confusing.Giving up one sin causes another one.What am I to say?
    I believe if you love anyone properly it is never a sin
    Well,that’s worth musing on amidst the News of war and murder.
    I stole a lemon pie from a shop.Now that is a real good old fashioned sin.
    MMmmmmmm give me half and we’ll say no more.
    No more.
    No more


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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