Gathering floss

I told him it’d be a  crime and a sin which is an achievement of sorts  .. Satan’s.
The whip of the iceberg struck my face like a frozen crumpet unbuttered and  unjammed.
If two hearts meet then run fast. if one  is yours
I was so feverish I was waiting for the dust to prattle and the skittle to boil.
when all is said in fun,where is the boundary of a heart?
Wish up an all night bar and dream of being high  in flight
He spoke a word that he left as a wrote it in the phone directory.What does it vindicate?
He literally clawed at my lemon tart.. imagine what followed that..
You held onto my cart so I took you to the till and bought you for home delivery later on
He makes the sun whine when he’s down and if he’s up, he’s out with a bore
He put my heart on a pyre for his pleasure
You bored my heart so I went to the River Severn instead of meeting you
Flung over a hedge by a lover,she landed in a meadow full of flowers which made a wonderful change from his glowers
I don’t mention your cheating heart as I am unsure if you have any heart at all
Your lying heart misled me into a fair ground and I went on the ghost train.What a terror.
Please relive me,let me glow.
I feel I am gathering dross today and it’s all mizz.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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