The most ridiculous day in hours


The doctor who came last week gave me antibiotics which would help
both my lungs and my kidneys….so what happens.His majesty having seen me keeping them on the floor,in my so called “handbag” otherwise known as a suitcase,on the table,in my cleavage. decided that they should be in the fridge.Which seemed a good idea at the time……
Last night they had gone awol… we stayed up late trying to find them.
In the morning of today which seems as far away as Venus,I phoned the surgery and told them that as we are both unwell we can’t go to the chemist ourselves but at 10 am a driver starts a delivery run…So just a word with the doctor… I rang again about 9.40 an hour and a half after my first call and the receptionist who was naughty before informed me she could not guarantee that he would phone before 10 am…..she seemed very happy to tell me that.
I wondered about 111 but at five minutes to ten the doctor rang.He tried to persuade me I did not need the other ones… but my faith in the out of hours doctor who used a stethoscope and examined me is stronger than my faith in my doctors in the practice.
He said I had told him I was better last week.I responded I said I was better than I had been but as he never saw me or heard me cough it was not very sensible to believe him…as his antibiotics did no good… unless say.I might have got leprosy or TB without them… so scientific..
The pest controller Peter was very worried when I coughed.
The doctor did email the pharmacy and I got the antibiotics at lunchtime.I shall finish the course….because I feel better enough to think I can imagine getting better which I could not imagine 2 days ago.
It is so hard getting real help from a GP now.They are definitely overworked.But sometimes they do need to make a short visit to a patient….We made few demands on them during the long spell of double cancer treatment and moods moving round and about like birches swaying violently in a hurricane… but just surviving..
They get rid if the cancer and then you might get some serious infection owing to lack of energy to fight marauders.
The out of hours service is better in many ways here but not everywhere….
I should have seen the surgeon yesterday but it will be 7 weeks ahead now.I can’t go into a hospital whilst I might spread my bug.


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