Winter Quiz

  • Who is this man?


    1.Nigel Farage.
    2.The Queen.
    3.Pope Benedict 13th.
    4.David Cameron.
    5.A cyborg
    6.A glove puppet.
    7.My husband.
    8.My ex.
    9.W H Auden
    10 None of the above

  • Guess who this is.


    1.My husband
    2.Father Xmas
    3.The prime minister of the Hebrides.
    4.My cat’s husband.
    7.The Pope.
    8.a barn owl.
    9..A lost cat.
    10.. me giving a lecture on why e is not an algebraic number.
    11.All of the above.
    12.The Devil

  • f78772e2-b9d2-4d53-a241-c5fc975dda16_650x366

    This is
    1] London
    7]I don’t give a monkeys.
    8] A photo of Finland my art teacher wants us to do a painting from using mixed media.
    9]The lost world of Atlantis.
    10] A and E in London Hospital
    11]The capital of Norway.
    12]a ski resort


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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