So far away

Now you are far,so far away,
The longest night,
The shortest winter day,
will be places where I might die.
The heart’s interior, no-one else
Can view.
When you are lost,
I cannot find your face…
Its outline on the pillows,
My fingers shaped to trace…
The new design,
the stellar rhyme,
Where have you gone?
You slipped from out my arms.
You slipped away.
Was night or day
Ever cut by such a narrow line?
In your embrace I lay.
You seemed so strong,
Yet,sighing, took the path away.
I can’t see where
Is it night? Or is it day?
I tried to write to bring me light,
It’s dark, and still.
I long for you to come.
Oh,will we ever quite
Find out our way?
Or is that an illusion?
As we stagger through
the wandering furrows
in the fields
They shoot us down.
What is this confusion?
The war goes on
The world goes round
The mirror gapes
at each new clown.
But in a crack,
a seed may grow.
I can’t see where,
But yet,it’s so.

He left his life where so much might have grown.
The aspirin bottle and the tumbler thrown.

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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