Thoughts at play


We were so poor we six children had to eat our dinner off a cricket bat.
Well,it made you good at grammar!Us six had to eat off a cricket!
Did the cricket mind?
Yes,it hated being licked.
What a shame!
What a catastrophe.
Just think,we have no English crickets now.
We just have foreign crickets.
How can you tell?
They speak Dutch!
What do they say?
Festina lente.
That’s not Dutch?
Well,we had a Dutch priest in the fifties and he used to say,
Adveniat Regnum tuam;festina lente.
Your Kingdom should have come but the postman has been privatised.
That’s English.
I know.Strange is it not?
Who are you?Prince William of Orange
Don’t be that way.I talk proper because I passed the 11 plus.
I’d have thought it’d be the other way round?
You seem quite bright.
I belong to Mensa.
I don’t see what sex has to do with it….
I left my tart in Wan Fran’s Disco.
That was an error.
No,I was right.They had no cream.
Do you ever eat off a bat now?
No,it’s not hygienic;we eat off the Times.
After you have read it?
Oh, we never read it!
Why buy it?
It makes us feel superior.
Why not get some China?
Why is it called china?
I suppose that’s what was on the map when they looked.
That’s ridiculous.
I know.I agree.
I mean,you are ridiculous.
Some people like to insult others when they are in a bad mood
I can do it in a good mood.
You are balmy
I mean barmy!
Off with ihre briefke!
Now he speaks French.
I want a letter!.
A French letter?
No,a Greek letter.
Here you are… it’s an apple pi.
Is it natural?
Ask Euclid!
He’s dead.
No he’s in a Platonic realm
Making Platonic love?
I am sure he could make a Teutonic love!
Why so?
His tongue is enchanted.His lips are fluorescent.
How about his nose?
It’s quite perfect.
And his eyes?
Like cat’s eyes in winter,glowing and amber.
Have you got his phone number?
Yes,it 4478733333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333…………..
It’s irrational.
Don’t tell him,he thinks it’s infinite.
Aleph null?
Is that your phone number?Where is aleph on a phone
Je ne sais Aleph Faux pas.
That is the end of
Thoughts at play


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