Agony column

Dear Aggie

When I visited my new boyfriend’s home,I found he has eyes in the back of the bed.He said it stops mice or other creatures from mating there but I have my doubts.What do you think?
Worried of London

boy and girl

Dear Worried
Whatever made you look at the back of his bed? Leave that till he proposes or he might make you hoover the entire room.
I suggest that you have a semi-Platonic,more romantic relationship for now and should you eventually marry insist on moving into a brand new home with a new bed.
However,it does seem a bit odd.Where did you meet him?
Are you ever subject to hallucinations? Maybe you need to break away before he has arms in the bed and a gun at your head…
Remember that,when older,many ladies are becoming gay these days.Think about it.Do you really prefer a man? How about a rabbit in bed instead plus some companions and friends in the day time.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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