The dangers of chess in marriage

Midwinter 2

Dear Aggie
I beat my husband at chess 40 years ago in my first ever [ and last ever }  game and he still gets upset and angry about it when drunk. He refuses to play any games with me now.How can I turn into a real feeling woman before it’s too late?I hate chess too…I prefer hide and seek.Or cops and robbers.What do you advise?
Thank you

Dear Rose
All men like something to criticise about their wives and if this is all you have done to annoy him , you  must have behaved very well.You can’t have done anything terribly bad but  men are sensitive so you could try bowing to him when he enters the room and hiring a troupe of dancing girls on Saturday nights.I fear it’s too late to act dumb.Besides he probably enjoys talking to you and that is a good thing on the whole [depending on not contradicting him frequently].Why not hide when he is out and see what happens…. let’s hope he doesn’t go to bed with the laundry lady or man  but hunts for you .You need to kiss him more  often and  tickle his palate with a chopped avacado pear on a bed of nettles with a border of sliced hard boiled eggs in aspic and ice cream,[home made]

Or a corned beef and chip buttie
Enjoy your self and forget this old game.


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