Cake crumbs in the carpet

I got married so that it would be legal to iron  a man’s underpants weekly.
I got married so I could pick cake crumbs out of the carpet as free exercise .
I only got married for sex as the forbidden would be a duty then.Still it felt very sinful so that was ok.
I was so shy my husband thought I was dumb until I cried,Do it again,Sam.Alas he is called John.Still I was a very technical virgin who loved pulling the gas stove to pieces  to see how it worked.One day I shall mend it but for now we live on fish and chips.
When you think about it,getting to know the opposite sex is very dangerous.Getting to know anybody is dangerous but women don’t usually rape you while you are drunk or while you are sober either.Still ,worse than rape is emotional betrayal or spiritual invasion.
The only safe way to live is to commit suicide then noone can hurt you any more.Is there a logical error there somewhere?
I think,take a cat or two to bed, have a baby by artifical means and have hundreds of friends.Why limit yourself? I do and look where it’s got me!


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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  1. I’m done with marriage, myself! No more for me, thanks! 😄


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