Google drive problems and Chromebook

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    If anyone is using a Chromebook like I am, I have some useful information.The Chromebook and some Windows computers rely on the Cloud for storage.This makes them lighter and cheaper as the Hard Drive is smaller.I found it fine  and easy until today when I was geting a message  that there was no connection to Google Drive when I tried to post photos here.
    I tried various methods and then decided to do what is called a Powerwash which makes the chromebook like it was when you first bought it.You should save any downloads to the Cloud before you do this but you won’t have many as  you back up to Google drive.You can downloadbut the memory is small hence the cheapness
    Once the powerwash is done you have to connect back to your Wi Fi.Fortunately all your bookmarks etc are put back on with your chrome Browser.Your cookies will have gonebut soon they will be back… I m not sure if that happens if you have no other computer
    After doing this I can upload photos again so it has cured whatever was wrong.


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