Forced to spend

P1050963 [1024x768]
Photo copyright Mike Flemming January 2015.With permission.

I had to buy something today just to check whether the number I thought was my PIN number for one credit card really was.I had to collect some glasses then bought fifteen computer magazines,The Independent,Women and Foam, and 2 bars of chocolate in W H Smiths.Luckily the number was right…. or possibly unluckily.
I have to do it again tomorrow with another card so am wondering what to buy.It’s just a scientific experiment.I guessI could hit Boots and buy a ton of elastoplast and fifty bars of lavender soap.Then if the number is wrong I shall be puzzled.Unless it’s one of those cards that you just put near the machine and it is read.I found I’d already paid a bill last week without even knowing.Luckily it can only work for amounts less than £20.To think one might accidentally pay someone else’s bill!Or they might pay mine….charity!
Meanwhile I am puzzled why the videos I made on OneDrive are not synced.Fortunately I find them very funny as in one I begin talking about Teresa of Avila,the Jewish Catholic Saint and I end up by criticising the term,”See you soon” when uttered by a stranger whom one hopes never ever to meet again anywhere.
I seem to have lost quite a few household goods but found my husband in bed with a young and voluptuous woman who turns out to be his mistress.He says it’s my fault for writing about Stan but all I ask is that she changes the duvet cover as I am damned if I will.She says she is a spirit but she looks non-ethereal.He has always said we are not alone in this house but I didn’t know it was literally true.That explains the creaking stairs and the intimations of otherness.Still you have to admire a man willing to risk his life,his home and his soul just because he was cold in bed.Why didn’t he ask for a hot water bottle,one might ask.
Still, if you have to go then go out with no anti-climax to the show which has been your life.Go out with a bang like a firework in a display.He always was a good actor but only in private or so I believed.All I say is,thank God for the automatic washing machine.
I’ll be shopping for some leopardskin boots next week.Blame the bank.Then I shall go abroad till the broad departs.See you later.

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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