More spending:Adventures of an old sprite

P1050961 [1024x768]Photo  of Wych Hazel by Mike Flemming.Copyright 2015 [Wisley Gardens]

Alas I have never used my post office credit card…. so I had to go shopping.Unfortunately I am in  more  pain  than usual so when I was in W H Smith’s I wanted to sit down.I saw no seats.I then saw a big pile of books in a corner so I sat  there.I was right next to the Jewish Chronicle  so I took a look at that.I once sat down on a self service till.They didn’t like that!!Well,I only wish they had a few chairs.I then purchased the Times and a computer magazine which was meant to spread the good news about cloud computing.I find Google Drive is ok but OneDrive is not so good probably because I am not used to  sending  photos from there.So I began to wonder if I should spend hundreds of pounds buying a computer with a large memory.I see HP Pavilions  are reduced by £200 in Currys,but why?Luckily there are no such shops near me.After drinking some coffee,i had a bright idea….. why not write on paper with a pen.Luckily my memory was ok and  the card went through the machine.I bet the bank will wonder what I am doing.Why can’t I buy something feminine like lipstick?Well maybe I shall if Boots have a chair in their store.And anyway lipstick wears off me too soon.How about having one’s lips tinted green?Well,I am a sprite

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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