Can’t you just laugh it off?

Doctor,I think my husband has something wrong with him.
Thank God,I thought he was dead.
Doctor,I have a pain in my groan.
Oh,do stop moaning.
Doctor,my head feels strange.
Can’t you just laugh it off?
Doctor,why don’t you do give examinations to your patients
They have  their degrees already.
Doctor,where is the receptionist?
She’s at a reception.
Doctor,you look worn out.
I shall take two aspirin and see myself in the morning.
Doctor,I feel ok today.
I must find out for myself.
Doctor,my husband is in the waiting room.
I’ll feel him later.
Doctor,I told the priest you were the worst doctor in town
Well, how do the others do it?
Doctor,I can’t sit here all day.I have to go to work.
What is it you do?
I train crocodiles to become vegetarian.
How about men?
No,they are very hard to digest.
Doctor,you look pale.
It’s my white blood.
Well, it goes with red blood and blue blood.

Doctor,what is my diagnosis?

It’s all Greek to me.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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