The will to sleep

    Edward Munch painting

    This article gives the latest findings on how much sleep we need.But is it good to worry about it?If you deliberately deprive yourself of sleep so as to work longer hours it may be an error.But in older people I find it is much more common to worry about being unable to sleep for long enough.So being told how much you need might make you feel worse as it generates more anxiety.
    Anxiety is defined by Leslie Farber as being generated by the wish to control what cannot be controlled and sleep is one thing we can’t control.We may avoid horror films,make the bed more comfy, and other sensible things but in the end we can’t make ourselves sleep by will power .In fact having such an interesting life that you look forward to each day and think less about sleep may be ideal.Being relaxed is the main help and yet in our world now with all the genuine concern together with our owbn neurotic anxiety being relaxed is hard for some of us.I suppose that is where leaving it in God’s hands [ or the secular equivalent of trusting the Unknown] might help.
    Relaxing muscles is a physical skill taught to mothers to be sometimes and it is worth trying.Yet ultimately relaxin means trusting and whether we learn that as infants from the good enough mother or whether we can learn to trust the world and other people at a later age I am unsure.However I believe there is a a goodness which underlies all else but I cannot prove it.Nor say why if there is a God he does not act in a manner we wish like stopping evil men from murder.
    That is just one of the mysteries of our human life on earth.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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2 Responses to The will to sleep

  1. Excellent and interesting post and I love the image. Hope you are keeping

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    • Katherine says:

      Thank you so much,Janet.I am interested in what we can do by will power and what we can’t because as a child I got the impression every thing we did needed force and trying hard,.But I know now that is not true.I love that Munch painting.We are nice and cosy here .My only mistake was forgetting the buses are on strike and getting grumpy.But the days are longer and I have some good photos from my friend Mike from Wisley.I hope you are keeping well..I should say it was seeing your blog 5 years agow which drew me into blog land… and it’s been good.:)xxxx


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