Time’s wise

Green woodpecker in Oxfordshire UK

Green woodpecker in Oxfordshire UK

Source: Mike Flemming UK copyright

Pray,Father,can you give me a dressing?

This is not the Red Cross,you know.

Well,I tried to get the sin out of my  art but I accidentally cut my throat

Are you still alive?

Well,how do I look?

You look ghastly

As soon as A changes to O,I’ll be gone.

Begone all woe

Beggars can be losers.

This is a confessional…what sins do you bring.

I have a few…I stole a black cat from a witch….

How will she manage without it?

Well,I’ve been having kittens ever since.

No wonder you look so ghastly.Do you not see what trouble sin

No,only the trouble that causes sin!

If you are so  clever why not write a book?

I prefer cooking the books.

Are you on drugs?

Not yet but I see the shrink today.

I meant hard drugs.

They are all hard… they can’t get them into the bottle otherwise.

They could put them in a baby’s bottle.

Seems hard on the baby

Anyway I absolve you from your sins and your penance is not to come here for a week.

That’s a blow.

Well,see how the land flies.

Time dies when you’re going with the glow.

Time’s wise when your mind overflows.

Time’s a surprise when you are far too verbose


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