You only have one!

Doctor,my toe is very sore.
You mean you only have one!
Doctor,my nails are horny
So am I.
Doctor why do nails get thicker when we age?
Ask the ironmonger!
Doctor, my throat is swollen.
It’s your whole head as well !
Doctor,you seem so young.
You make me feel so blung.
Doctor,do you enjoy the job?
Which one?
Doctor,where did you train?
Train what?
Doctor,how many A levels did you get?
We didn’t have them in my day.We just matriculated.
Doctor,did you know my mother well?
Not in the biblical sense.
Doctor,why are we here?
I’m here for the money.How about you?
Well, doctor,patients don’t get paid….
Don’t they?Write to your M P at once.
I can’t write…
Well,wrong your MP instead and vote for somebody else.
Don’t ask me,I’m only a doctor..
Doctor Who


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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