May I borrow your glasses? Watch out for new crime… stealing specs

Self with glasses

I had a strange experience today.I went into Argos  in the town centre and aas looking at laptops on their little screen when a woman nearby whom I did not know asked to borrow my glasses.I said,Why do you want them?
And she replied that they would make the print bigger on the little screen.I said it might not be so as I am short sighted and the lenses makes print smaller and in any case I didn’t lend them out.She seemed very angry like a toddler who has heard the word,No,for the first time.To me it seemed odd to ask a stranger such a thing.
When I was on the bus I was telling a friend who said she probably wanted to steal them.That never ocurred to me but it may be true.So beware.What next,my heart? Then I was thinking that my glasses were quite expensive and we come to the question of envy and whether it is  ethical to walk around town in designer glasses.Because it might give pain to poorer people.She must have guessed I was a generous, soft hearted person but I would be in serious danger without them.

It seems very weird to expect someone you don’t know , outside, in public ,to lend you something so important to them.A tissue or even some money,maybe but not spectacles.In Jesus’s time they were not invented so the Bible tells us nothing about the ethics of spectacle lending.So maybe I need to write a new book  for the Bible discussing via stories this type of question.Imagine in those days they had no cars either or fridges…. so nobody could borrow them…. it makes me think of a play called,May we borrow your husband?

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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2 Responses to May I borrow your glasses? Watch out for new crime… stealing specs

  1. Katherine says:

    I was thunderstruck.. and she seemed so cross with me.:)xx


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