Hearts and heads,please

6378673_f260I was taking a short cut through M & S today  when I met a lady whom I have not seen since my cancer problems began last April,probably because I’ve been unable to get out.I was quite glad not to see her as she is the most negative person I’ve ever met.And that is saying something.However I did meet her there today and not being unkind I was prepared to talk to her.I said,I can’t talk standing up as it hurts me,let’s go over to the seats by the cash dispenser which was quite near.She was not prepared to do that.. she said she was going home.Now,she often used to complain to me of being lonely and I did help her when she had had cancer but she can’t seem to adapt to someone else’s needs.
Actually it was a relief to me as I’d already met two closer friends.And this person moans so much that it really is awful.I am usually pretty sympathetic but I am not prepared to stand up in pain for 15 minutes to hear her woes.I have enough woes of my own right now….She seemed angry that I did not stand there and listen to her.Most likely she has had a lot of health problems and may not realise that other people do as well.Ideally I’d like to talk about something else like how about joining the Over Fifties Forum,for example or going to a poetry reading.
I think she had a very good job and is quite well off.When you retire or even before I feel it’s important to mix with people from any part of society for old age and its problems affect all of us,though the well off have more options.But to refuse to meet people who did menial work is not a good idea.Being lonely is inevitable if you are very choosey about who you befriend.Several of my dearest friends both men and women did very low paid jobs and one is almost illiterate but they have hearts and feelings not to mention native wit and common sense which some of us so called intellectuals have either lost or never had.I’ve had it with intellectual snobs.


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  1. You never know who you will meet along your life-path… sometimes it’s very difficult to listen to people complaining or telling you only negative topics. I know for sure, this is my job since 1997… But I believe this is my commitment in this life, and isn’t always easy to accomplish it with faith and strength.
    Sometimes I let people talk, empty their souls, feel understand… even if I can’t give them but words of courage and deep compassion. This is why I’m buddhist, and this faith give me the force to help others… Katherine, see it that way…
    Serenity 🙂 claudine


    • Katherine says:

      Thanks, Claudine.I am noted for being a good listener.However I cannot stand for a long time owing to pain… if she would sit down like I asked then I would listen to her.But also my husband is very ill and I can’t leave him too long.In your workdo you ever find someone who is like a gramaphone record that gets stuck in a groove?That is what she is like…oh,dear.What a sad state of affairs…. but she has to sit down.I will not stand up for a long time not even for the Pope or the Queen.:)

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