I love men

I love men,but not the Toffs,
Nor the ones with smokers’coughs.
I would like an artist most,
Especially if he eats buttered toast.

I love men,do men love me?
There’s only one true way to see.
Do your best to put them off,
Wear flat shoes and never laugh.

Study Wittgenstein and Kant,
Study science that’s difficult.
Parse Quantum theory as a hobby.
Learn long words from the dictionary.

Dance with Riemann,flirt with Joyce;
Read Ulysses in a Rolls Royce.
Enjoy some Chess and Trigonometry;
Weigh down your mind with Solid Geometry.

Look around and see who’s left.
That’s the man who loves you best.
Once you’re wed and have a home,
You can free your mind to roam.

Throw away your library,
Let your senses all run free.
Wear bright clothes and enjoy some fun.
Your second life has just begun..



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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  1. Gill McGrath says:

    this is delightful! thank you ❤

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