Winter weather,frost and stars

As yet to come from the soil

I often am  grateful for the vision of birds flying across the sky but how much more should we be thankful to the patient  creatures like worms dwelling in the lowly earth.without them life would be impossible

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Photo by kind permission of Mike Flemming  2015.Copyright

Winter  weather,frost and sky,

See white geese and silver stars.

Two cooing  doves with collars red,

Watching out for seeded bread.

From the sun ,low in the sky,

Light falls slantwise to my eyes.

Trees bud though invisible,

Nothing that my eyes can see.

Bulbs shoot up from dark cold soil

Where  worms and beetles quietly toil.

We take for granted air and sky,

Love the birds we see  fly by

But who loves the worms and slugs

And those creatures we call bugs.

So in our dark  cold winter time,

Praise these creatures in the grime.

Without these worms ,our crops would die.

No cornfields for us to lie,

Midst the poppies bright red flowers

Revelling in soft summery bowers.

Praise the snails and bees and ants

For these and spiders,let’s give thanks.

As the  lightness needs the dark,

From darkness come life giving sparks.

Enrich darkness with our gifts.

Look not always to the swift.

Quiet and patient like these worms,

Nature‘s lowness is my  theme



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