Life and other terminals

The main purpose of sex is multiple onanisms.
Children are deceived half way through a womans bicycle.
Sex should not cause rubble in bed.
Remember a joke can aid your text life
Married folk can kiss on the Sabbath only and must not work at it
Please do not whore coal in the bath.
Please repress yourself in the kitchen.
Do not split up before dinner.
Do not separate eggs in a bowl.
Please warm the oven before cooking your goose.
Please light the fire before putting Polly on.
Coal is back in fashion.Smoke in comfort,just breathe.
Do you have trouble weeping?
Did your wife leave home with a suitcase?
Better the devil you sow.
After a time,life will be deranged.So bear up
Do you prefer text to sex?You are not alone!
Try to remember all the other people of worth.
If self involved you will save money on dates and raisins.
My whole life flashed by as I fell off the step.Then I fell off a ladder and it flashed by again in colour.Now I’ve had enough and am moving to a bungalow in Holland.
Sex is not bad as things go and being a thing it went
The weals of life are mainly on the interface.
My husband wears rubber pyjamas so I bounce around all night and I’ve lost a stone already.It was in my ureter.Then it wasn’t.
Please get divorced before marriage as a refusal often offends.Two cats

Post sent from my u- phone.
Fly with Whore Airlines cheap and fast.
Also whore multimedia is the best.
Try our new smartbones for the dead.
Swearing a problem?I have a degree in cursing.
Get yours in a month with my free u boat.
Sorry,F”””.. book.Only £7 to pensioners.Free to bankers
Angels needed.Apply with sin


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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