Dear cat,when old

Lurching yet graceful ,the old black cat sets off.

Slowly he circles the edges of the garden in joy

. In the car ,though still in a shut basket,

He always knew when we came to the turning of the road.

Was it the cherry trees in blossom,a scent

Or something we could never be aware of?

I would open his basket in the car.

He comes out and descends so carefully

Onto the pavement,then tries to bound up the path

, The long wooded back garden is his total joy.

He would sit watching tiny frogs in a deep pond in the sun.

No doubt he longed to catch one.

He once brought a robin indoors,

The bird was unharmed though frightened;

Must have been his gift to me

We released it later after its shock had worn off.

Now the can only hobble,

And soon, his thinness warns me, he’ll be gone.

No cat has ever loved or will love like this cat,

A rescued, terrified animal.

His eyes say everything to me.

I look into their clear-jewelled greenness

I look into a deep,still glowing sea of light.

The last day,finally, all day,he’s on my knee.

I say”goodbye,goodbye,Pussy”.

And he’s gone,just before tea.

Now the garden seems empty.

Love leaves a gap.

Love leaves us bare

Love leaves us stripped.

Yet Love is eternal grace.

A mystery of faith.

I believe.


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