Their ecstatic yelps

And it came to pass that they ate their dinner and that she did washeth up.

And she did leave the dishes to drain

Whilst she put on the washing machine.

and the man was very pleased.

And it further came to pass that she gave the man some pudding and he was more pleased.

And then it came to pass the he fell asleep

By the fire. And the Lord God,said who is this man that sleepeth by his fire?

And he said,I shall waken him up

And the man awoke,

And God spake unto him

How is it that the woman laboureth in ye kitchen.

And that thou sleepeth here in an armchair.

and the man said,

but Thou didst order women to labour.

And the Lord God said unto the man

Why dost Thou remember so selectively what I have said?

And the man said, I knoweth not and therefore I will help this woman.

And the Lord God said, Why dost thou not think of it thyself?

And the man said in reply, It was Thou that made me,O God

And the Lord God was displeased with the man.

so he called down a plague of butterflies

To prevent him from sleeping.

And when the woman came in

she was much pleased to see these butterflies

and so she fell onto the man

And he did make love unto her.

And the cat was very pleased.

For it thrilled him to watch humans mating and gave him hope

That the Lord God would take his rib and make a mate for him.

And indeed it doth seem to have happened

Judging by all the cats staring in ye old window here

And by their ecstatic yelps

That the Lord God was very generous with them and made them many mates.

For truly there is no jealousy among them

And they mate freely and happily and never have rows

about the washing they eat straight from the can.Amen


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