I am an attachment



Green woodpecker

Green woodpecker

Source: Mike Flemming UK copyright

Stan was polishing the door knocker with Duraglit. brass polish.

Mary was upstairs working at her desk reading an article on

algebraic numbers and sorting out her post.

She got an instant message from a former colleague in the maths


Hi,Mary.how are you?

I’m fine,Tim.How are you?

Well,I really miss the department!

I’m sorry.

Actually Mary,it’s you I miss.

But you hardly ever spoke to me.

No,but i looked at you.You are very beautiful.

Well,you are very handsome.

You know what I’d like?


I’d like a photo of you in your underwear.

I haven’t got any photos!

Can’t you get some?

Well,I suppose i could use my webcam and photograph my top half.

Oh. how nice!

Then i guess I could sit on the photocopier and photograph my bottom
but I don’t think I can do them both at once.

How about you to to a pool in a bikini?


I don’t wear a bikini.

I don’t mind if you are nude!

Well,I am a bit startled by this.I thought all we shared was an interest in quadratic forms.

Well,I’ve moved on to your form,Mary.

Well,you know I have Asperger’s Syndrome.

I thought he looked lonely.

Do you know him?

Not in the Biblical sense!Just to speak too.

I thought he was dead.

Not at all…he’s turned into a parrot.Meanwhile how about some minimalist photos?

No,,you’ll have to meet me in Cafe Zero.

Which one?

In Knittingham.

Will I recognize you by the bikini?

Why do you like bikinis so much?

I’ll see what my therapist thinks.

I want to know what you think.

I love you,Mary.

Well,since Stan has Annie I guess I can have coffee with you.
Then we can discuss Platonic forms.

While I look at your form.

Is that my Health Form?

No,your bodily form.

I have no body now!

What happened?

I’ve been downloaded into the new computer.

I thought your voice sounded odd.

Shall I email myself as an attachment to you?

I’d like to think about that.

Well.goodbye Tim.

Goodbye,you little minx.

A minx…what next?

Bring me your minx,dill,dilly

Bring me your inks

when I’m in love,dilly,dilly,

I love those links.



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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